Events in Horse Monkey

Sunday 28th April 2019


Port Eliot Estate

by kind permission of

Bianca, Lady Eliot





(Rosettes to 10th place)

For entries click on the Horsemonkey link at the top of this page.

CLOSING DATE FOR ENTRIES Tuesday 23rd April 2019 8pm (No entries will be taken on the day)

Times will be available from Thursday 25th April at

No entry fee will be refunded after the closing date.

Competitors must provide there own number bibs.

Contact: Tel: Tamsyn 07966 788408  / Jayne  07771 833078   



Rules & Guidelines


1.     This event is organised by the East Cornwall Hunt Ltd.  These rules apply to all competitors, spectators or persons otherwise attending the event.

2.     The organisers and Port Eliot Estate reserve the right to require any person not to compete or to leave the event forthwith, if considered necessary in the interests of safety, or the interests of other persons attending.

3.     All competitors are advised to have third party insurance cover and also insurance for any personal injury or loss they may suffer.

4.     Please report all accidents or injuries, equine or human, to the Secretary, who will be pleased to deal with any observations you may wish to make about the course.  This will assist organisers in making any adjustments considered necessary for the future.

5.     To secure the venue for future events please treat the premises with the utmost respect at all times and in particular take ALL your rubbish / muck home.


1.     Protective headwear in an undamaged condition must be worn at all times when mounted which should meet the minimum up to date standards of PAS 015,  VG1 or SEI ASTM, with a properly fitted harness. Fixed peaks are not permitted cross country. Removable hat covers may be used.

2.     Body protectors must be worn at all times when mounted and should be level 3 and the type manufactured in or after the year 2000.  An updated list of 'British Trade Association body protectors may be obtained from BETA – see

3.     Competitors must provide there own number bibs.

4.     Any rider choosing to wear an inflatable airbag style body protector must wear it over the top of a normal body protector. It is the competitor's responsibility to ensure that horses are adequately prepared & fit and that all competition tack and other equipment are safe and fit for purpose.

5.     No stop watches to be worn.

6.     Long hair to be in a hair net please.

7.     Jewellery can cause injury and should not be worn


1.     It is the responsibility of all persons attending this event to take care for their own safety and that of others.

2.     Riders must take care to avoid causing obstruction to other riders.

3.     All spectators must avoid obstructing the course.

4.     Dogs must be kept on leads at all times.

5.     Motor vehicles must be driven only into and out of the parking area, and at no more than 10 mph – beware of children, people and animals


1.     Neither Port Eliot Estate nor East Cornwall Hunt Ltd, nor their officers, servants or agents (to the fullest extent permitted by law but not otherwise) will be liable for any loss or damage howsoever caused during the event or during any pre-event course- walking


1.     A clear jumping round with the best time will determine the winner.

2.     Fall of a horse anywhere on the course – Elimination.

3.     First refusal, anywhere on the course – 

4.     Second refusal, anywhere on the course – 

5.     Third refusal, anywhere on the course – Elimination.

6.     Every person attending the event MUST comply with any direction given by Stewards and Officials.

7.     No more than 4 competitors permitted in the warm up areas. (To avoid the chaos and potential danger of an overpopulated warm up area)

8.     Horses only in the warm up areas.

9.     Competitors are strongly advised, in the interests of their own safety, to ensure they are familiar with the course before competing.

Both horse and rider will need to be competition fit! 

A vet will be on call if not in permanent attendance.