Single Riding:                                                          £340.00

Single Commuted:                                                  £550.00

Family Riding:                                                         £510.00

Family Commuted:                                                  £830.00     

Young Riders from 18 to 22:                                   £160.00

(Payment may be made by instalments)

Point -to-Point :  (includes 4 days cap)                  £160.00

Young Riders: (under 18)                                        Free

Non riding Subscription (Foot follower)                  £70.00

Non riding Commuted subscription                        £100.00

(It is possible to pay for your subscription in instalments with prior agreement of the ECH secretary)


Adult & Point-to-Point:                                                £12.00                          Autumn Hunting                                    £10.00

Young Riders 15 -18                                                   £15.00                         ( if you pay a full subscription by the 1st of September 2022 then

Children 14 and under:                                               £10.00                          there will be no cap for Autumn Hunting)

Visitors:                                                                       £40.00

Subscriber to an adjacent hunt visitors:                     £30.00 

Foot / Car follower: (minimum)                                   £5.00

Newcomers 4 day book of tickets:                             £125.00

(Introductory 4 day book of tickets for the 2022 - 2023 season exclusively for newcomers, limited to one book per person, available only once, having purchased a book of tickets newcomers are invited to subscribe for the remainder of the season for £160).

Please pay Caps before the day you would like to trail hunt into the ECH Ltd account, for these details and other information on subscription payment plans etc.. contact the ECH Secretary  Email echsecretary@gmail.com 

ECH Subscription 22-23 Season.pdf ECH Subscription 22-23 Season.pdf
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ECH Subscription 22-23 Season.docx ECH Subscription 22-23 Season.docx
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Health and Safety
Before we start the season please could I ask you to read the following document.

The hunt will do all it reasonably can to eliminate risk, but some risks will always remain, so members should take reasonable steps to prevent risk or injury to themselves and others.

The Hunt membership includes all those following on horses, ponies, in cars, bicycles, quad bike’s and on foot. The aim is to make sure that all members of the hunt following on a days hunting are aware of their responsibilities towards their own and to others’ health and safety when participating in hunting activities.
The hunt expects the highest standards of behaviour, conduct and animal care and husbandry. All hunt followers must confirm that they have read, understood and agree to abide by the hunt’s code of conduct.

Hunting activities, such as riding horses or crossing country on foot or on a quad bike, carry a certain level of risk. All members should be aware of the risks associated with hunting activities and at all times take all reasonable and practicable steps to mitigate the risks towards themselves and to others.

1. Mounted followers participating in hunting activities accept that there is a certain level of risk when riding horses. Followers are responsible for sourcing their own horses as well as providing their own equipment, tack and PPE (Riding hat, boots, appropriate clothing) and making sure it is of a sufficient standard and condition.

2. Each follower confirms that they are sufficiently competent at riding to partake in hunting activities and have the appropriate level of experience to ride the type, character and age of horse they are mounted on.

3. Mounted followers also confirm that the horse they are riding is of a suitable character and capability is to suit the riders ability.

4. Each rider is responsible for the control of their horse, and for how they cross the country (including what obstacles they do or do not decide to negotiate). The hunt requires mounted followers to follow the fieldmaster, however riders are not required or expected to negotiate any obstacle that they do not wish to, or that they are not comfortable doing or that they or their horse is not competent to do.

All members accept that if a hunt official feels any follower or their horse (or any method of conveyance) is not appropriate or at a sufficient level of experience or capability for the activity, they may be asked to cease participation in such activity, and they should respect and abide by such a request.

Children and Young persons
Children aged 3 years and under should not participate in mounted hunting activities.
Children aged between 4 and 6 years should be accompanied by a responsible dismounted adult when participating in mounted hunting activities.
Children aged between 7 and 16 years should be accompanied by a responsible adult when participating in mounted hunting activities. Adults should be responsible for no more than 2 children at a time when participating in hunting activities. Please pre notify us of any children under the age of 16 years wishing to participate in a day’s hunting activities and who their responsible adult will be on that particular day.
All mounted followers under the age of 18 years, should wear a kite marked hat (British Standard Institute kite mark: PAS015; or American ASTMF1163) when participating in any hunting activities on a horse / pony.
If any members have any concerns or queries about the Health and Safety policies for hunting activities or do not fully understand their responsibilities when participating in hunting activities, please contact the hunt secretary.