The Hunting Act came into force in February 2005, but hunts are still hunting within the confines of the law and you can join them. You do not need any
special knowledge, kit or clothes and everyone is welcome whether on a horse, following on foot, on a bike or in a car.

Continue reading for answers to some frequently asked questions.

How do I come hunting?
Contact the Hunt Secretary who will help you to advise you on where to start and arrange coming out.

What do I wear?
Traditionally a Tweed (Rat-catcher) is worn with a shirt, coloured tie or stock for Autumn Hunting. After opening meet adults usually wear a black hunt coat and some ladies wear navy. Riding hat and boots. If it’s your first time out, don’t worry about going out to buy all the kit - smart, neutral colours are fine, appropriate jacket or coat depending on the weather conditions. Just let the Secretary know when you book in.

Do I have to plait my horse?
Not for Autumn Hunting, but its traditional for lawn meets (where you would meet at someone's home)after opening meet.

Where do I park?
The Masters usually advise on parking for Autumn Hunting.

How do I know the etiquette?
In the most simple terms, you follow the Field Master and the Huntsman looks after the hounds. If it’s your first time out, there will be plenty of friendly face to help you get to grips with it.

Do I have to jump?
There’s not a lot of jumping in our type of country and there are always people that don’t jump and routes around the jumps are easy so no one will get left behind.

What if my horse has not been hunting before?
Don’t worry - they all have to start somewhere! Autumn hunting is perfect for green horses. If you don’t know how your horse will react then try to keep them at the back and always face the hounds if they come past you. Green ribbon in the tail can be worn on green horses and red on horses that are prone to kick.

How long will we be out?
Two - four hours but you can go home at any time. Just make sure you’ve dropped a pin for your horsebox and that you ask the Field Master the best route back to the box.

Can children come hunting?
Children are always welcome and not just at Children’s meets. We do ask that they are accompanied by an adult.

How much does it cost?
If you’re coming hunting regularly then it’s most cost effective to subscribe and pay an annual amount. This also means you get invited to special meets, breakfasts etc. All the information on costs are on the subscription and caps page, you can contact the hunt secretary if you have any queries.

What do I do about insurance?
It is your responsibility to have adequate public Liability insurance when you come out hunting with us.

The Countryside Alliance have a fantastic document for Newcomers to hunting…